Club Project - Club Portraits

We believe in our product.

We believe in quality.

We have been leading the industry in quality portrait services to private clubs since 1986. Private clubs require recognition and our core values helps them retain their structure while adding to their high standard of quality. Our services help foster club unity & pride that private clubs have been providing to their members since their creation. We've been able to stay at the forefront of the industry due to our passion for embracing modern technologies and using them to aid clubs. Our services are comprehensive and our products are quality.       

Our projects start with a dedicated team of schedulers that use discretion and confidentiality to schedule your club's members, management, and staff. They are scheduled for thirty-minute sessions with our professional and experienced photographers. Our photographers use only natural settings, both indoors and outdoors, that incorporate the club and help with club pride and unity.  After their session, the member will be asked to select the photograph they wish to have used in the album and directory. It is during this time that they are given the option to purchase the images for family and friends. There is never an obligation to purchase portraits. We are the only company in the industry that adheres to a strict no solicitation policy after the project has finished. 


Our services always use the highest degree of discretion & professionalism and are always completely free of charge to the club. Our experienced Scheduling Team is dedicated to coordinating portrait sessions with professionalism & discretion and removes any stress to management.

In addition to our complimentary photography services, we provide the club with:

- 12" x 12" leather-bound Heirloom Portrait Album to display in your clubhouse

- Wall Gallery to display images of Board Members and management

- CD upon completion of the project with Digital Images that are compatible with any POS, website or database

With 40% member participate we provide a mini-album or membership directory to every member of the club.

Contact our Marketing Team if you would like costs on purchasing additional products in projects with less than 40% participation. Please also ask about Club Cash incentives.

Membership directory

Membership Directories are an excellent tool to aid club pride and assist members with recognition of one another & staff. Our designers work with club management to utilize staff & member portraiture and club information in order to create a custom Membership Directory to be distributed to members. Directories include member photo and roster, with the option to include: club contact information, hours of operation, history, past presidents, committees rules & bylaws, Board of Directors, management.

Also available in digital format for club website and member newsletter.


Mini-albums are another way to promote club pride and help members recognize members and staff. The 5"x5" design is small enough to keep in a purse, briefcase or pocket.